Concourse Projections

There will be two projections displayed on the wall of the Grand Concourse, above the Registration area, both sponsored by the University of Colorado Boulder.

One projector will display a selection of Gallery of Fluid Motion video entries from previous years, curated by Nicole Sharp (FYFM). (This year’s entries are available for viewing online or in the Mile High Ballroom; enter through the Registration area.)

The other projector will show images and videos created by students in the Flow Visualization course (MCEN 4151/5151) at the University of Colorado between 2003 and 2016. Full information about the course, and additional information for most of the images are available at This collection was curated by Prof. Jean Hertzberg. The collection is organized alphabetically by first name of the first author to provide a mixed yet searchable series. This collection is also available online: Part 1 is roughly half of the collection (A – J), and Part 2 is the second half, J – Z.