Invited Speakers and Minisymposia

The APS Division of Fluid Dynamics seeks nominations for invited speakers and proposals for minisymposia for the 2017 DFD Annual Meeting.

Due date: March 15, 2017, to Eckart Meiburg, [email protected], chair of the DFD program committee.

Invited speakers: we seek nominations for eight 30-minute invited presentations that emphasize major advancements in science and technology surrounding the field of fluid dynamics mixed with intriguing presentations that attract and inspire those both in and outside the field of expertise. Speakers will be asked to include in their presentation a short pedagogical overview of their topic accessible to the broader fluids science community. We encourage diversity in topics and in speakers’ backgrounds.

DFDNomination_form_invited_speakers(Word Doc).

Minisymposia: a session consisting of talks of twice the length of contributed talks. Typically there are six 26-minute talks. At each Annual Meeting there may be up to four minisymposia. A minisymposium may fall into one or more of the following categories:

  1. Educational: talks on education of undergraduate and graduate students in fluid dynamics.
  2. International: talks by U.S. and non-U.S. researchers on a sub-topic of fluid dynamics.
  3. Tutorial/Review: a series of tutorial and/or review talks aimed at communicating the state of the art in an area of particular current interest.
  4. Focus session: a series of talks on an exciting and important area of current research. International minisymposia are intended to encourage more cooperation between societies, and interactions and collaborations among their members. Preferably the proposal for such a minisymposium is made jointly with a non-U.S. society. In general it is not appropriate to have a minisymposium “in honor” of a colleague.

A one-page proposal for a minisymposium may be submitted by any DFD member. Proposals should contain a list of possible speakers, but the suggested speakers should not be formally invited by the proposers. In the event that the minisymposium is selected, the appointed organizer will invite speakers.

Note: in general the expenses of minisymposia speakers are not paid by the Division, nor are the registration fees waived.