Abstract Submission

Deadline for abstract submission was August 1st

Questions? Contact [email protected] or (301) 209-3290.

APS Policy

  • Authors of contributed abstracts are limited to one abstract (oral or poster) as first author.
  • The first author should always be the presenting author.
  • If more than one contributed abstract is submitted with the same first author, one abstract will be placed in a regular session and other abstracts may be rejected at the organizers’ discretion.
  • Invited speakers may submit one contributed abstract as first author in addition to their invited abstract.
  • Abstracts in the education categories do not count against the one abstract limit.
  • Speakers in minisymposia or focus sessions may not submit contributed abstracts as first author in addition to their minisymposium or focus session abstract.

To submit an abstract, you need:

Test Submission

It may be useful to try a test submission before submitting the final abstract. Visit http://abstracts.aps.org, select ‘Start Abstract Submission,’ and then select ‘TEST Meeting (IT05)’. Follow the online instructions to create a practice abstract.