App for Phones

The phone app can be found in your phone’s Store by searching for ‘American Physical Society’.  You can also download it here. The app has been significantly upgraded this year by the inclusion of tags, i.e. tracks which list sessions appropriate to broad categories, such as ‘Acoustics’ or ‘Turbulence’. We recommend you download the app before coming to Denver.

When you select the DFD meeting in the app, you will be asked to log in with your APS credentials, which will link your selections under ‘My Scheduler’ from the program website with the app. Go ahead and select ‘Login’ the first time the app asks you, but you can then choose to skip actually entering your credentials if you just want to browse the program in the app. You can return to this option when you have your credentials ready later.

Selecting ‘Agenda’ from the DFD meeting homepage will provide four tabs at the bottom of the screen, allowing you to find sessions by tag, by date and time, by search, or by My Scheduler selections. Under search you can select by session title, by location (if you are sitting in a room and want to see what’s next), by program (we have only one) and by broad time periods: AM, PM, or Now (after current time)